Friday, January 31, 2014

 Estephanie Cruz

   Perspective changes the way I see my self  depending on what angle and the picture is taken. Perspective also changes when I am caught off gaurd, because sometimes I look to serious in the ones where im caught off guard since i am foccuesed in something else. My favorite was the birds eye view because i am smileing.


  1. I really don't understand why I'm making a face in your picture. I'm sorry. :)

  2. I also like the one where you are smiling:)
    I'm thinking about the point you make that when you are focused on something else, you look "serious" in your photos (interesting observation!). What about you (your expression, your posture) makes you seem "serious" or not?

  3. I like what you said about when being caught off guard you tend to look serious. This happens to me also.